Endlessly delicious sweet

Take pleasure in life
and “Letozh”!

Endlessly delicious sweet

Long, chewy,
gummy, yours!

Endlessly delicious sweet

Make your life sweet, taste a tiny chewy sweet bit!

Endlessly delicious sweet

Taste alone, share with no one, show no one!




“Confectionery factory “Letozh” LLC

Confectionery factory “Letozh” was founded in 2015. The enterprise’s mainstreaming products are licorice chewy sweets made by extrusion.

We are the first company within the CIS to apply that technology. Unlike ordinary jelly sweets, our chewy sweets have a completely different taste. They fill your mouth with a mild lingering taste followed by delightful slightly sugary palate.

Only high-quality natural ingredients such as sugar, treacle, corn starch, gelatin combined with the exclusive technology provide our health-conscious consumers with perfectly soft texture of the product.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards is our priority. Therefore, we never use such unhealthy and dangerous ingredients and food dyes as tartrazine, ponceau, etc. The products do not contain preservatives, artificial food dyes, flavours or lactose.

The wide variety of the shapes and tastes of our chewy sweets results from the method of extrusion, which is a continuous technological process. The high temperature and pressure create the perfect texture of sweet smooth paste, which is later pressed out of forming holes.The connoisseurs will experience the sensation of freshness and enjoy fantastic well-being and good mood.

“Letozh” strives for the persistent improvement of the production technology and merchandise development and it will always stay committed to the high quality standards.